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As a first generation Tampeño, born and raised in West Tampa, it was always important to my abuela that my family take pride in our Cuban heritage, and keep our family traditions alive.


My abuela had a passion for cooking, and would spend countless hours in her kitchen preparing the perfect meal. But no meal of hers was ever truly complete without her signature Flan.

While I didn’t like flan as a child, my mother changed my mind by adding a new ingredient to my abuela's classic recipe - peanut butter! Just one bite was enough to make me a flanatic.

When my abuela passed away in 2014, I would often find myself reminiscing about the countless family dinners she hosted, and the evolution of her flan. In 2016, I decided to preserve my abuela's legacy by introducing the world to Flan Factory.


We are a family-owned restaurant that strives to keep the spirit of my abuela's kitchen alive, but with a modern twist. We take pride in using only the freshest and highest-quality ingredients to deliver the same authentic taste that our family has enjoyed for generations. 

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